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Natural Log Cabins is a family-run operation, with over 250 satisfied Log home owners who are now living in their log home dream. In 1984, we learned the log home building trade using the dead standing Lodge Pole Pine in northwestern Montana.  Then in 1987 we moved to central Michigan, to work with native Michigan Red Pine.
How To Get Started With "Natural Log Cabins"
  Going on our web. site  Just as you did, studing the different models, then give me a call to set up an appointment to see the "Water's Edge Model" Plus bring your Plans and Dreams with You.  I do enjoy sitting down at the designing table with you, and helping you to perfect your own dreams.  I've found over the years that we can construct a sound log home from most any floor plan. I may have to add a log wall, or move a log wall to get the support I need.  Over the years we've learned some important aspects in designing a "log home".  Eves, porches, and settling are important issues to consider, along with roof design, to keep the up-keep to a minumum.
Our full log style gable ends, dormers, and full length purlins automatically put our homes in the top class.
What Will the Cost Be ?
We can build your home in our yard, and sell it to you in kit form or set it up on your building site for you.  Depending on distance we can put on the roof system and doors and windows too.  To get the bottom figure, I need to sit down with you and your house plans, as there are so many variables like dormers, lofts, eves, porches, stairways, log sizes, etc. Beings we have ideal local house log trees, and being family run, the low overhead always brings a welcome lower price with it. We have built full log Homes for many people that had given up hope that they could afford one.
  Log home lover's are usually "Nature Lover's" and close to God, we pray your experience with us will be good.
Richard & Katie 
John, Wilbert, Matthias and Stephen

The Walker Vacation Cabin (Rose Lake Michigan)
Log.Home Quality trees drying in our Yard
an inside shot of the Walker Vacation Log Cabin
Log.Home Quality trees drying in our Yard
  To See A home Call  --   1-231-313-9042  or email me at naturallogcabins@gmail.com 
Note! We are in Michigan ,  In other States we do only log work:
Custom Designing--- Making it Your Log Home is our Joy. 
A Log Home Kit ready to go
Sleeping bear dunes get-away cabin
  ANY  STYLE      Custom  Design           ALL  SIZES
Another hand-scribed home ready to be              moved to the building site.
Interior shot of the Keplar Log Home
~ Family operated
  ~26 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Homes!
The Moore Log Home (Honor Michigan)
Another 2009 Log Home, The "MOORE HOME"
                 See under Kits & Floor Plans"
The Roberts Log Home
  The Roberts Log Home
A 2009 Cabin;  See under Floor Plans
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The Walker Home!        2006
The answer is "JESUS" with-in
             MANTENACE--MANTENACE ????
  ----UP KEEP--- UP KEEP?????
In the past Log Homes got a bad name, because of the huge amount of up keep they needed.
Thanks to the latest technology in chinks, and stains and our experience in designing we are able to tell you that the up keep has been reduced dramatically.
  We are in the 15th Year in ours and have had virtually no chink breaks, 

Log Kits and Floor Plans Page 1
Log Kits and Floor Plans Page 1
            2006---- Kaplar Home
           2011 -- Pardington Home
   Sleeping Dear Dunes   Home   2003
Vacation Log Cabin Model
Log Home--Cabin
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Good Morning! March. 21 2017 To all our Log Home Friends! 
  The NEW contact numbers now are Richard 231-667-0654- John  231-313-9042 ; Matthais -231-570-2004-  
  I want to introduce our "new Homes" to you. "The Bidwell Home & Garage"   "The Pawlowski Home" ; "The Pung Home"  "The Abraham " Roberts"; "Zantjer" And "Schug"Homes Are done;
The "Girrbach" and "Steck" And "Rush" Homes are Ready to set up on site; "Taft" and "Bishop Home are being scirbed in our yard; 
  " The Gentner"; "Schiller"; "Skiver"; "Fraser"; "Burns"; "Spangler";   "Rosa" ; "Roeser" ; "Hoogstra" ; "Riley" And "Bilkos" Home's are in line:    
  We are Blessed with the above Homes,
    booking us into 2018:
    Thanks for your patience.
     May God Bless You all:
  ----Richard & Katie & Family-------

   Our Model  "The Water's Edge" is
Open to show; call for best times;  or go to V R B O rental.com to see our
calender and more pictures...----Richard-----

The following prices
do not include-Roof- foundation-windows
flooring; interior framed walls; chink or stain;
The price is for log work only;
  Contact Us Call  --   1-231-313-9042  or email me at naturallogcabins@gmail.com 
Note! We are in Michigan ,  In other States we do only log work;
The anwer is Jesus with-in