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{"The Pardington Home"}
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Note!! " The saddle notched corner's"  and the small end of log and large end of log alternated; Plus they are full length trees, this style dose not have any butt joints in the walls.
      2010 & 2011
"The Pardington Home"
                                 2010 & 2011
        Pardington        Home  
               (Saddle notch corner's )
Hi!!  Finally we have some pictures of our new style Cabin's;          "The Pardington Cabin"  Is truely an "open floor Plan"  "Hunting Lodge"    now sitting on a 250 acre hunting parsel.
  I want to get the floor plan on here for You soon:
    We are pleased to say, We have another happy cabin owner;  Just a few more details and the
  Pardington's will be moving in. 
              July 6th 2011
        To start Your
The answer is "JESUS" with-in
~ Family operated
  ~25 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Log Homes!
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Note! The spiril stair- way , This stairway starts in the basment and gos all the way to the loft.
                        "The Pardington Home"
28ft. X 32ft. (896sq.ft.) on 1st. floor; (480sq.ft. on 2nd. floor
  with a full 896ft.  basement.  Log Kit.= $42,849.00
      sit-up on your site                              $57,753.00  + 
Plus Del. --Boom---Milage---