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  Good Morning!           Feb. 20, 2017
To all our Log Home Friends! 
  I want to introduce our new Homes to you .
"The "Boersma" "Cassel" ; "Coffee ; "Bloink" ; "Clark"; "Armstrong Garage"  ; " Brinks ;   "Nymshick  ; "  Bidwell 
  " Ritzer" ;" Pawlowski  " ; "Abraham" ; Schug"; And The "Pung" Home's are done: "The Girrbach"; "Steck And "Rush" Home's are Ready for set-up on site; The "Taft" And "Bishop"   Home's are in the scribbing prosess in our yard.
"Gentner"; "Schiller"; "Skiver"; "Fraser"; "Burns"; "Spangler" "Rosa"; "Roeser"; "Hoogstra" And "Riley" Homes are in Line;
  Being Blessed with the above Homes, brings our schedule into 2018.
  We are blessed with some challenging designs this coming year. And many good people to work for.
   ----Richard & Katie & Family-------

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Bishop Loft
Burns Loft
       Summer 2017 home
"The Taft Home"  Single story  1616sq. ft.
   Fall of 2017 build
Burns floor plan 948 sq. ft.
  Spring 0f 2017 build;
"The Bishop Home"   2244 sq. ft.
Spring of 2017 Build       1st.=floor 1576 sq. ft.
The "Ken Rush Home"   Loft=   984 sq. ft.
  Spring 2017 build;
"The Girrbach Home"
1st. floor 1488 sq. ft.
Loft  708 sq.ft.
Summer 2017 build  1st. floor=  1288 sq. ft.
"The Gentner Home"     Loft =   756 sq. ft.
Fall of 2017 build  ----Loft- 432 sq. ft.
"The Fraser Home"---  1st. floor  1120 sq. ft.
Winter of  2017 build   1st. floor 1200 sq. ft.
"The Spangler Home"   Loft--- 432 sq. ft.
Hopefully I can get you some real pictures of the following Homes as they are built during this year.     Rt----
          "The Rosa Home"
1700 sq.ft.; W/ 28 x 32 ft. Garage;