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Our logs are debarked and air dried
The Keplar Log Cabin under construction
First floor being kitted
We are suppliers of "ONLY Red Pine Logs"
              "Build YOUR own Log Cabin"
IN STOCK       House logs
              8' to 18' random length         Flat to flat = click on image
6"=  House log    $2.75 per ln. ft.  Hand planed $3.25  per ft
7"=     "              $4.20                            " $4.70
8"=                   $4.80                               $5.30
9"=                   $5.40                               $6.00
10"                   $6.50                               $7.50
11"                   $7.10                               $8.10  
Round stock=  Purloins & floor Joists to 54' long
6 to 8 inch top to, 20 ft. long                $5.50 per ft.   planed $6.50
6 to 8 inch top from 21' to 40'  long    $7.50                           $8.50
9" to 12" tops to 20 ft.long                   $7.50                           $8.50
9" to 12" tops from 21' to 40 ft. long   $8.50                           $9.50
  for 40 ft. to 54' long  $9.50 per ft. and $1.25 for planing
To cut flat on Purloins and floor Joists  add  $.75 per ft.
  Character Posts for Porches- stairways-- ect.

  *$8.00 per ft. add $1.00 per ft. to hand plane      
We hand scribe Log truses , rafters and posts for YOU.                 CALL FOR PRICES   1-231 667-0654
Our specialty Logs
logs to use for kits
Full length Log Purlins
Our logs are debarked and air dried
Our band cuts 46 ft. long  stock
By fall our logs are under roof, waiting to be scribed into your dream Log Home.
~ Family operated
  ~20 Years experience
~Natural and Naturally Beautiful Log Homes!
The answer is "JESUS" with-in
             MANTENACE--MANTENACE ????
  ----UP KEEP--- UP KEEP?????
In the past Log Homes got a bad name, because of the huge amount of up keep they needed.
Thanks to the latest technology in chinks, and stains and our experience in designing we are able to tell you that the up keep has been reduced dramatically.
  We are in the 12th Year in ours and have had virtually no chink breaks,